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The Spaces at Shel

At Shel, each of our suites were built to respect the idea of space, but enrich it too, with our personal experience of regional and cultural Ladakh. The first of its kind in the area, Shel is a luxury homestay consisting of three en-suite bedrooms with unparalleled views of the surrounding countryside and is located at a walking distance from the Indus River. Our interiors are deliberately minimal so as to not compete with the mountainscape around us, it is a stunning yet functional haven, filled with bespoke design features consciously put together to weave a story.

Public spaces at Shel include a library, a drawing and dining area, a rooftop space and a dappled garden.

During your stay you have private access to all these spaces as we only entertain one booking at a time.

Zanskar - The Copper Valley Suite

Vast and spacious, the Zanskar Suite is visibly inspired by the copper valley of the same name. Copper accents dot the space, including the beds, which can serve as either twin or doubles. The large balcony allows for stunning views of the Himalayas during the day and a vast, glittery night sky.

Changthang - The Nomadic Suite

Sleep under the majestic Milky Way in the Changthang Suite. Like the northern Ladakhi plateau of the same name, this room offers you a stark but limitless expanse; through its minimal decor curated through our travels of the region, and its most special feature - the sky roof directly above the double bed.

Nubra - The Valley of Flowers Suite

The Nubra Valley, which literally translates to the 'Valley of Flowers' is quite unlike anywhere else - rolling sand dunes as far as the horizon, interrupted at intervals with lush foliage and eruptions of wild blooms. Fitted with a double bed, this suite is our take on the valley - minimal but rich, with a smattering of colour and its west facing balcony means gorgeous sunsets from the comfort of your bed.