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Shel is an experience. A private home meticulously put together over seven years using local architectural styles and methods,located by the Indus River.

The Home

The Home

The home consists of three bedrooms, a library, drawing and dining areas, rooftop spaces and gardens. Each room, corner and detail tells a story - curated through locally sourced 'finds', but designed with absolute minimalism in mind - so at Shel you're part of the local heritage but not far from luxurious comfort.


Around Shel


There’s nothing more uplifting than attending a morning prayer session at the Thiksey Monastery before starting your day and with its’ proximity to us, that means not having to wake up at the crack of dawn.


One of the oldest but less frequently visited temples, the temple at Shey is located at a walking distance from us and is the abode of the 'La' or oracle who visits every year. Wander over after a wholesome breakfast to soak in some peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of tourist trails.


Undoubtedly the best area in and around Leh for birding, the Shey Marshes are known to have some of the largest variety of birds flocking on them. Chat with us to plan an early morning or evening walk to enjoy viewing some of these visitors in their natural habitat.


The Shey Palace and holy pond is a meditative spot to walk to through the village.

Morning Walks

Soak in the sounds of the gushing Indus on a morning walk along the banks.

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